Students want to be listened to and respected as human beings with wants, desires, fears and emotions (D.E. Campbell, 2014).

In a modern age, where young people are bombarded by busyness, it is little wonder that they can struggle with the day to day routines. To maintain ‘good mental health’ a student needs to be equipped with the right strategies to counteract the risk factors they face.

Constructive student to student relationships are an absolute necessity for engagement, achievement, socialisation and healthy development. As is the workplace where employees work and collaborate with people of many different ages, Toowoomba Anglican School students interact, play and learn with students from every year level. Over 90% of students at Toowoomba Anglican School are involved in activities outside of the classroom. It is often through these activities that strong relationships develop.

It is our goal at Toowoomba Anglican School, to build upon our already strong and committed pastoral care approach. This program allows staff to be given opportunities to develop their understanding of Mental Health and Wellbeing in children and adolescents, for students to be provided with guidance and information to assist them in creating a good sense of self and those around them and to allow the wider community to be further involved in the nurturing and care of all Toowoomba Anglican School students, under a common language and approach.

Students at Toowoomba Anglican School are offered a myriad of services and programs that assist in developing strategies to promote good mental health. Our Wellbeing programs are supported by highly acclaimed national programs such as the Mind Matters Program and Beyond Blue Secondary Schools Program. Toowoomba Anglican School takes great pride in providing its students with the necessary skills and tools to combat the issues that are prevalent to today’s adolescents.