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Toowoomba Anglican School ensures the calibre of its leaders reflects the needs of its students. Our Executive team plays a crucial role in continually improving and developing capabilities of staff and our systems. Their leadership allows staff and their teams to successfully implement and sustain change within the school.

The School Council

The major function of the School Council is to work upon the development, implementation and continuing review of the School’s strategic plan and major policies, which encompasses all aspects of the School’s activities and facilities. The Head of School reports to the School Council regularly and is responsible for the operational aspects of the School.

The School Council Members
  • Mr Mac Drysdale - Chair
  • Mr Jim Rawlings - Vice Chair
  • Mr Ben Lyons
  • Rev Rick Gummow
  • Ms Ann Houston
  • Ms Ann-Marie Johnston
  • Mr Reagan Wilson
  • Mr Simon Lees - Head of School
  • Mr Gordon Oldham - Deputy Head of School
  • Mr Paul Noye - Business Manager

Diocesan Council

As Toowoomba Anglican School is a Diocesan owned School, the governing body of the School is Diocesan Council. Diocesan Council delegates certain governance functions to the Toowoomba Anglican School Council via the School’s Constitution. In circumstances where the directors of the Governing Body must be provided with a report about sexual abuse or likely sexual abuse the Diocesan Council has, pursuant to Section 366B of the Education (General Provisions) Act, delegated that role to Mr Greg Milles, the Director of Professional Standards within the Diocese. Toowoomba Anglican School is Diocesan owned and the School Council is appointed by the Archbishop-in-Council through the Anglican Schools Commission and act in an honorary capacity. 

Members of the Diocesan Council

The Right Reverend Jeremy Greaves (Bishop for the Northern Region)
The Right Reverend Cameron Venables (Bishop for the Western Region)
The Right Reverend John Roundhill (Bishop for the Southern Region)
The Reverend Canon Gary Frederick Harch 
The Venerable Geoffrey Hoyte
The Reverend Adam Michael Lowe
The Reverend Gillian Moses
The Reverend Canon Linda McWilliam
Dr Ruth Kerr 
The Honourable Justice Debra Mullins (Chancellor)
Mr David Sneesby
Mr Dan O’Connor 
Mr John Kotzur
Ms Amy Norman

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