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The Boarding Houses

The Boarding Houses

By design, Toowoomba Anglican School applies a modern approach to traditional boarding. Located within a unique setting, our four purpose-built boarding houses enjoy outstanding views to the east with easy access to our Arts, Sporting and Academic facilities located within campus grounds.

The four Boarding houses are split into age and gender appropriate groups, yet the unofficial slogan of “four houses, one family” can be seen clearly in the many friendships and socialisation between our young boys, girls, men and women.

Four Houses, One Family

Our Boarding Staff place significant and equal importance on the academic, pastoral and social wellbeing of the boarding students. Each house parent lives within their boarding house and sees the members of each house throughout the day. Our house parents also have tertiary education qualifications and teach within the day School. All other teaching staff each commit 300 minutes per term to running specialised tutorials for Boarders during their weekly supervised study periods. These study periods are run for two hours each afternoon and at an increased frequency during more concentrated study periods.

Arnott House

Arnott house is specifically designed for girls from Year 8 to 12 and features bright and friendly dormitories and a comfortable large common room.

While the school week days are extremely full with academic, cultural and sporting activities, the weekends provide time to relax and simply have fun, enjoying one another’s company within the House.

Arnott House provides young ladies with the opportunity to blossom in their environment, whilst developing a strong sense of community, tolerance, mutual respect and independence.

Stoneleigh House

Stoneleigh House is the home for our older boys. The comfortable design of Stoneleigh House, set within quiet park-like surroundings, makes it private and an ideal setting in which boys can be raised to young manhood.

Each student has his own private area and the communal areas are open-plan. The dorms are furnished with attractive fittings whilst the recreation rooms are uniquely spacious, which enable the boys to relax on evenings and weekends.

Founder's House

Beautifully appointed in the heart of the boarding precinct, Founder's House is the home for our younger boarding girls.

The lounge room looks out across the Lockyer Valley below the school and captures its panoramic views. It also provides a sunny, pleasant place in which the girls can socialise and play games. Founder's house is beautifully furnished and fully air-conditioned.

The House Parent and boarding staff ensure that not only are all the needs of the girls well-met but also there is a stimulating and varied activity program for the students out of school hours.

Bligh House

Bligh House caters for our younger boys and reverberates with the energy and life of boys building friendships and enjoying the camaraderie that comes from being together as boarders.

Being the first experience of boarding, great effort is made to ensure that their everyday boarding life is a really positive one. There is a high level of care over each aspect of the boys' welfare. We pride ourselves on the level of pastoral care, nurturing and inculcation of everyday life skills.

Every boarder has his own area within each room and share stunning views of eastern Toowoomba that take in Picnic Point, Table Top and the Lockyer Valley. Weekend programs are specifically designed to concentrate on outdoor activities that make life in their home away from home fun and relevant. 


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