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2026 Scholarships & Bursaries


Year 7, 2025 Scholarships - Closed

Year 7 2026 Scholarships - Open in November 2024

What is the Difference Between A Scholarship and A Bursary?

The purpose of a scholarship is to attract talented students who will enhance Toowoomba Anglican School’s education programs and positively contribute to the School's culture. There are three types of scholarships: Academic Scholarships, Sports Scholarships, and Cultural / Performing Arts Scholarships. Scholarships are traditionally funded by the School.

The purpose of a bursary is to provide financial support to a student whose family would not otherwise have the financial means to afford a TAS education for their son or daughter who can positively contribute to the School. Only those students who meet the strict needs-based requirements are eligible for a bursary. Bursaries are funded by the school or generous support bodies such as The School Foundation or Past Students Association.

Scholarship and bursary opportunities require students to sit the Edutest academic testing for entry into 2026. We would open application submissions in November 2024. Example: A student wishing to enrol in 2026 would need to start their application from October 2024. The Edutest is traditionally held in February 2025.

On an annual basis, there are a limited number of opportunities for bursaries and scholarships for students moving into Year 7. We have a global outlook that provides both rigorous and relevant pathways to accommodate the demands of contemporary society. Our school believes all students need strong relationships with staff and their peers, enabling them to reach their full potential and leave school as accomplished, aspirational, and inclusive adults. We are committed to delivering excellence for all and have the desire to push the boundaries of learning and teaching.

Toowoomba Anglican School offers students a diverse, holistic education with a range of general excellence, academic, performing arts, and sporting opportunities.

Toowoomba Anglican School has introduced the Family Fee Cap which may provide an alternative to scholarships for families.


A limited number of Bursaries and Scholarships are available to both day and boarding students entering Year 7 in 2026. Scholarships are merit-based and are offered on the conditions of:

Scholarship Process - closed

To apply for a scholarship in 2026 please use the following link.

EduTest Scholarship Registration

Applications close on TBC.

Scholarship testing will take place at Toowoomba Anglican School on TBC.

Toowoomba Anglican School will be offering a range of Sporting, Academic, Performing Arts, and All Rounder Scholarships.

Families will also need to complete an application form (non-TAS students) in conjunction with the above Scholarship Registration Form.

Enrolment Application Form

For more information, please contact our Head of Admission on (07) 4639 8111 or by email [email protected].

Specific Bursaries

The Past Heads Memorial Trust – Toowoomba Anglican School (Alumni)

The purpose of the Trust is ‘To provide financial assistance in the form of Bursaries for the purpose of enabling students to attend, or continue to attend, The School, who without assistance of the fund would be unable to do so.

The School Foundation Bursary

The purpose of this bursary is to provide financial assistance to up to two students annually who would not be able to attend the school without this support. The bursary is means-tested and the recipients are selected by the Scholarship / Bursary selection committee.

 To be eligible for a School, School Foundation or Past Heads bursary, a candidate must:


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