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Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Preparing students for the twenty-first century workplace demands an educational environment that is reflective of today’s society. With our exceptional curriculum, innovative programs and extensive opportunities, Toowoomba Anglican School is in a unique position to successfully guide our students towards a bright future.

With small cohorts, Toowoomba Anglican School secondary students experience a personalised approach to their learning needs. A strong tertiary pathways and careers program allows students to experience different areas of the workforce or courses at university to fully realise their future options.

TAS has developed a unique timetabled learning program that is forward thinking in its design.

Students undertake subjects designed to fully inform them of their strengths and challenges within the key learning areas. For example, in the English learning area students undertake the subjects Creative Writing, Literature and Language, instead of just one English Subject. Similarly, the students undertake specialised Mathematics and Science courses.

The school finds that students become more aware of how each learning area sits within the world and keeps the students engaged. It also gives teachers the opportunity to provide more robust and specific feedback to both students and parents.

At Toowoomba Anglican School we recognise that students have diverse learning needs, and our classroom teachers are skilled at differentiating their teaching practice to meet these individual needs. In addition to this, we offer the Extension and Enrichment Program for high-potential students. 

Flexible Curriculum

An area of focus as the students move through the Secondary Years is that of providing a flexible curriculum. What that looks like for one student is very different for another. Being intimate in size allows for flexibility in the way in which the programs and opportunities can be timetabled allowing for students to find success.

Many of our students are willing and excited about learning things beyond the standard Australian Curriculum. Many of these areas are integrated into the curriculum, whereas others are facilitated by outside expertise. We support any of our students who wish to combine a more traditional academic load with an Individual Pathway that is accessed externally. 

Curriculum by Design

Year 7 & 8: Relevant and Rigorous Curriculum

We aim to foster the intellectual development of our young adolescents and provide experiences which will enable every student to be creative, to solve meaningful problems, to communicate and collaborate with others, and to develop habits of thinking and tools for working. It also provides opportunities for increased independence and self-responsibility as students begin the transition from Primary School to senior school and beyond.

Year 9 & 10 Curriculum by Design

As students move through Secondary school, they begin to make more calculated choices about their learning. During Years 9 and 10, students continue studies in the core areas of the English, Mathematics and Science suite of subjects, History, Health and Physical Education, Religious Education and PDL. 

At this juncture of schooling, students, with guidance from parents and teachers, design their own curriculum. Year 9 sees the beginning of regular Student Learner Profile meetings that occur annually with our Head of Pathways. These meetings guide and track our students academic, cocurricular and career choices and ensure they are on a clear path that aligns with their goals.

Year 11 & 12: The Senior Years

In the senior years, students have full autonomy in their subject choice and choose subjects that will prepare them for the journey ahead to getting their final Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) score and Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

The transition from Year 10 to Year 11 offers a positive challenge for students. More responsibility rests with the student and regular study is essential if success is to be achieved. Students in Years 11 and 12 will select six subjects from the list of subjects designed to cater for the full range of student interests and abilities. It is compulsory to study one English subject and at least one of the Mathematics subjects at Toowoomba Anglican School. 

During exam periods or when there is a high workload, students may choose to utilise our daily or temporary boarding options.

Daily and Weekly Boarding

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