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General Information

TAS Kindergarten offers multiple programs to suit our families. Children can join us for our 3-day or 5-day program from 8am to 3pm each day. 

8:00am-3:00pm (Monday to Friday, School Term Time)

Kindergarten Blue (2026): 4 years of age by 30 June 2022: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

Kindergarten Red (2026): 4 years of age by 30 June 2022: Monday to Friday

*The Kindergarten Blue and Kindergarten Red programs are specifically designed for students who are eligible to enter the Prep Year in 2027.

Kindergarten Gold: Children must be 3 years of age to enrol in this program: Thursday/Friday

*The Kindergarten Gold program is specifically designed for students who are eligible to enter the Prep Year in 2028.

Kindergarten Routines

(General Guideline)

8:00amIndoor or Outdoor/ Activities12:30pmPack Away
9:00amGroup Time12:30pmTransition Group Time
9:30amIndoor/Outdoor Activities12:45pmToileting / Wash Hands
10:30amPack Away1:00pmLunch/ Time
10:45amToileting / Wash Hands1:20pmRest and Relaxation Time
11:00amMorning Tea2:00pmPack Away/Outdoor Activities
11:20amGroup Time (e.g. Music, Drama)2:30pmGroup Time
11:45amIndoor / Outdoor Activities3:00pmHome
National Quality Framework

Toowoomba Anglican School Kindergarten was proud to be rated "exceeding" in the National Quality Standards in all areas of assessment as set by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.

To monitor the provision of a high quality Kindergarten program, the Kindergarten is assessed and rated under the National Quality Framework. The Kindergarten maintains an up to date Quality Improvement Plan.

  • Current National Quality Framework Rating – November 2019
  • Overall Rating Exceeding National Quality Standards
  • Quality Area One Exceeding National Quality Standards
  • Quality Area Two Exceeding National Quality Standards
  • Quality Area Three Exceeding National Quality Standards
  • Quality Area Four Exceeding National Quality Standards
  • Quality Area Five Exceeding National Quality Standards
  • Quality Area Six Exceeding National Quality Standards
  • Quality Area Seven Exceeding National Quality Standards

Enrolment Process

Prospective children and parents are invited to experience the Kindergarten program before or after submitting an Application for Admission Form. All prospective children, together with their families, are encouraged to attend Open Days and/or a tour of the school with the Head of Admissions or Director of Kindergarten.

The enrolment procedure is as follows:

  • Application for Admission/Enrolment form submitted, with an application fee of $150 and a copy of the child’s birth certificate and up-to-date immunization record.
  • An interview is arranged with the Director of Kindergarten.
  • Additional information may be required prior to the process continuing.
  • A formal offer of a place at the Kindergarten is made, which may take the form of:
    • A confirmed place in the Kindergarten group
    • A place on a waiting list.
  • A signed Enrolment Contract and an enrolment confirmation fee of $500 must be returned be the date indicated in the letter of offer.
  • A holding fee of $300 will be requested to reserve a place in the Prep Years which will be refunded on the first term’s account.
Delayed Exit and Entry 

It is recognised that some children may benefit from starting a kindergarten program later (delayed entry) or by completing a second year of a kindergarten program (delayed exit). Is your child ready? If you have concerns about whether your child is ready to start a kindergarten program or is ready for Prep, you should discuss those concerns with the Director of Kindergarten.

Queensland Government Funding 

The Toowoomba Anglican School Kindergarten is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government.

Statement of Commitment

The following Statement of Commitment seeks to provide a foundation to reflect, encourage, and support a child-safe culture. The Statement is to be implemented by all persons within an Anglican School or Education and Care Service.

Anglican Schools and Education & Care Services are committed to providing environments where children and young people receive the highest standard of care, where their rights are supported, and where they have the opportunity to thrive and be fruitful. Such environments nurture and safeguard the intelligence, dignity, safety, and well-being of each child or young person, by placing them at the center of thought, values, and actions.

As reflected in our Ethos, our vocation is education, driven by a vision of humanity, shaped by the image of God made visible in Jesus, present in every human being.

Our faith is lived. We are hospitable and welcoming communities, who embody compassion, kindness, fairness, justice, and love, and where exceptional pastoral care is practiced.

Working and serving the best interests of children and young people is in everyone’s best interest. This is achieved through sustaining living and learning environments that are safe, supportive, and stimulating. Specifically, we:

This commitment is sought to be consistently reflected through the decisions and behaviour of all persons within the School or Service, who are guided by effective governance, policies, tools, and processes. This fosters a child-safe culture, where acting in children and young people’s best interests is at the heart of what we do.

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