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P&F and Foundation

P& F

The Parents & Friends Association, Volunteer Co-ordinators and Class Representatives host a number of important events during the school year to unite the Toowoomba Anglican School community socially and secondly to raise funds to support funding of future school projects that directly benefit the students. Volunteer support to cater and serve at these functions is greatly appreciated.

The P&F meet once a month in the schools Glass House at 6.00pm. All members of the Toowoomba Anglican School community are welcomed to attend and become involved in an active and passionate association.

Many of us underestimate the importance of volunteering - volunteering at Toowoomba Anglican School means so much to your son/daughter, fellow parents and the school. Research has shown that students with parents who are actively engaged in school activities are more likely to achieve academically and less likely to have behaviour problems. Seeing their parents putting effort in at school reinforces to them the importance of school.

The School Foundation 

More than a century ago, our School was founded with ample vision and the abundant goodwill of a supportive and giving community. Its establishment was a bold and significant venture on the part of its first headmaster, Ernest Albert Gill.

Some of the meaningful ways the Foundation supports students are through the provision of scholarships, and the development of new buildings and amenities.

With the passing of 11 decades, and multiple generations of families associated with the School, Toowoomba Anglican School has emerged as a living example of education at its finest. Along the way, a strong belief in the School’s spirit and purpose has been aided by generous philanthropic support to enhance educational opportunities for all our students.

The Toowoomba Anglican School Foundation exists to further inspire funding for the School’s ongoing development and to provide prudent management of existing and future funds.

It is with deep gratitude that we acknowledge our benefactors whose altruism is visible across our spectacular campus. Should you wish to arrange a meeting with the President of the Foundation, to discuss how you may be able to assist the School with planned giving options, please email

Foundation AGM Meeting Notice

Financial Statements

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