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Faith and Service

TAS is proud to be an Anglican school. You can see signs of our Anglican faith and our school spirit in our emblem. Below the shield is a scroll that bears the motto Sola Nobilitus Virtus, which translates to ‘Virtue Alone Ennobles’. In plain language, this means that it is only virtue that should dictate a student’s nobility – not where they come from or their position in society.

Becoming noble in character is a lifelong journey where you will commit to moral and ethical values, compassion in serving others and contributing to your community.

All students at TAS are expected to play an active role within the community as a part of their ‘character’ education. To develop the students' understanding of Anglican faith and life, we offer a range of opportunities for personal growth and community service. 

We encourage students to be life-long learners who are able to engage with religion and faith, both from an understanding of self and an appreciation of the other, as well as the influence of religious belief in society.

Every fortnight, students meet in the Chapel of Saint Aidan for worship as a community.

The programs are based on a common theme and teaching of Scripture across year levels, couched within age-appropriate worship and language for students. Children of all ages are integral members of our church community, and they assist with and serve during Chapel services.

Outside of regular Chapel worship, students and families are given opportunities to explore faith formation and growth. Our School community is very generously supported by our Honorary Chaplains, local Anglican clergy who visit and support us on a regular basis.

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