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Life in Secondary

Preparing students for the twenty-first century demands an educational environment that is reflective of today’s society. With its exceptional curriculum, innovative programs and extensive opportunities, Toowoomba Anglican School is in a unique position to successfully guide our students towards a bright future.

Independent co-education at Toowoomba Anglican School offers a diverse student body that reflects both genders, preparation for real-world experiences and situations, a rich academic experience and encouragement of wide- ranging opinions and ideas.

The creation of good learning and social environments in the classroom is a priority as is nurturing the confidence of our students. Students want to be listened to and respected as human beings with wants, desires, fears and emotions. This is especially important as teenagers move through adolescence and are seeking more independence. Research shows that most students need a sense of comfort and safety in their classrooms - comfortable to be able to engage with the curriculum whilst being safe to take part in discussions and ask questions.

Our teachers not only teach subject matter but are also the student’s coach and mentor. Relationships are at the heart of what our teachers do. Constructive student to student relationships are an absolute necessity for engagement, achievement, socialisation and healthy development. Centred around the nationally recognised Mind Matters and Beyond Blue program, students interact, play and learn with students from every year level.

The Gateway Program

Successful learning occurs when students are engaged and motivated, when learning activities pique their curiosity, personal interest and independence. In order to create activities to not only sustain motivation and engagement but also stimulate brain growth through the adolescent years, we have developed the Gateway Program.

Each year, regular timetabled classes are paused for one week while students take part in a variety of programs designed to develop higher order thinking with new real world skills. From Shark Tank pitches and job interview practice to buying your first home and driver education, the structure of the program has been strategically developed to prepare students for life beyond TAS.

The Gateway Program compliments and supports the curriculum, but also goes  beyond the classroom to give the students real world experiences.

The Gateway to the Future Program maintains engagement, provides a depth of opportunities in a range of relevant future-focused areas, gives the students a break from traditional forms of learning, and stimulates brain development.

Gateway to the Future Program - PDF | 545KB

Wednesday Activities Program

Each Wednesday afternoon students can choose from an array of exciting activities or programs that are on offer in addition to the normal curriculum. Each term the program changes and offers students a diverse range of extracurricular activities to choose from. For students who are high level athletes or performers, this time can also be utilised for specialist training.

Wednesday Afternoon Activities - PDF | 63KB

Personal Development and Leadership

Each Year level has a weekly lesson dedicated to Personal Development and Leadership instruction. It is during these lessons that teachers focus on delivering content related to key issues faced by the varying age groups. These sessions allow for detailed discussions, relevant and appropriate for the respective groups in areas such as Relationships, Time Management and Planning, Looking to the Future, and Bullying. The PDL sessions use a variety of external resources including but not limited to Beyond Blue’s SenseAbility, Youth Beyond Blue’s secondary program, eSafety guidelines and resources from Reach Out, Kids Helpline and Headspace. We also participate in excursions and incursions with RACQ Docudrama, Total Driver Ed, the P.A.R.T.Y. Program, guest speakers focussing on Mental Health, and through our Pathways Program, preparing our Senior Students for tertiary study and employment.

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