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We invite you to read through the handbook and familiarise yourself with the happenings of boarding and how they pertain to you individually. You are more than welcome to contact our Boarding Office at any time should you have questions or concerns but also know that your child’s House Parent is the first port-of-call.

Boarding Handbook (PDF)


Director of Boarding - Mrs Bianca Lingard 
P +61 (0) 0448 115 815    
E - [email protected] 

Boarding Office - Mrs Josie Meagher 
P +61 (7) 46398122    
E - [email protected] 

Head of Stoneleigh House - Mr Dan Biscoe 
M +61 (0) 0457 521 572 
P +61 (7) 46398140 
E - [email protected]   

Head of Bligh House - Ms Chelsey Holman 
M +61 (0) 0457 506 480 
P +61 (7) 46398171 
Student lines: +61 (7) 4639 8175  
E - [email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected] 

Head of Arnott - Mrs Roxanne Piers-Blundell 
M +61 (0) 0457 516 566 
P +61 (7) 46029282 
E - [email protected] 

Health Centre 
Sr Sue Crawford RN, Sr Lauren Lingard EN, Sr Sarah O’Neill RN, Amy Bertolo.
P +61 (0) 4639 8120 
P +61 (7) 4639 8121 
F +61 (7) 4639 8109  
E - [email protected] 

Weekly, Day and Temporary Boarding

Weekly Boarding is for student who arrive on Monday afternoon and depart school on Friday afternoon. This arrangement benefits families who live geographically closer to school than full time boarders and who have the option to travel home at weekends. Families also use this option to help parents with their work commitments.

Temporary Boarding is classified as short stays - 1 to 4 days in length or for a longer term of 2 weeks. This option is ideal for students during exam weeks, those participating in school programs and activities that require after hour commitments for a short time. Also an option for families with short work travel commitments or family events so a student can continue with their normal school timetable. 

Day Boarding is an arrangement where students can arrive at school for breakfast and stay until dinner - 7:00am to 7:00pm. Day Boarding included all meals and snacks. In addition, boarding activities, homework and boarder music are daily options. This is available to students in Year 4 and above.

*Note: Weekly, Day and Temporary Boarding is not available to International Students.

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