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Class Representatives

At the beginning of the year, volunteer parents are nominated as Class Representative/s. Their position keeps the parents up to date with the activities of the school, and socially.

For more information, please contact TAS Reception on (07) 4639 8111 or [email protected]

Parents & Friends Association (P&F)

The P&F meet once a month in the Glass House at 6.00pm. All members of the Toowoomba Anglican School community are welcomed to attend, and become involved in an extremely active and positive association.

Many of us underestimate the importance of volunteering - volunteering at Toowoomba Anglican School means so much to your son/daughter, fellow parents and the school.

Research has shown that students with parents who are actively engaged in school activities are more likely to achieve academically and less likely to have behaviour problems. Seeing their parents putting effort in at school reinforces to them the importance of school.

Please note if these dates are to change, or the meeting cancelled, there will be a notice put out through the app.

Find out more information regarding the P&F here.

Parent Directory and Business Directory

Through Parent Lounge, there is the opportunity to join the Parent Directory. This Directory will allow you to contact other parents, within the school community. Once into Parent Lounge, there is a tab on the left hand side to follow through the process.

Please remember, to respect the information in this directory. If there are any records of canvassing, you will be removed.

We have created a directory consisting of TAS family businesses, offering them the opportunity to promote their company on our website. We hope that you may choose to use this resource and support one another when doing business in the local region.

Find out more information regarding the Business Directory here. 

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