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Individual Pathways

Students have the opportunity to complement their school academic program with university courses, traineeships, internships and TAFE courses. Undertaking these programs with a balanced and adjusted timetable can assist and inspire students in their decision-making process about their future career.

Contact Mr Paul Barber, our Head of Pathways & Career Guidance, to start the conversation on how we can support a pathway into TAFE, School-Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship, enrolling into a Distance Education subject or starting University early. 


University Head Start Courses 

Working in partnership with the University of Southern Queensland, you can study a first-year University subject while still completing your Secondary studies at TAS. This program is available for high-achieving students who are in Years 10, 11 and 12. You will be enrolled in a course, working with lecturers, sitting University level assessments, and once successfully completed, gain 2 QCE points as well as gaining entry into a related USQ degree. We will work to support your study needs, ensuring you can attend lectures, tutorials and exams when required. Have a look at the Full Course List of USQ's study options to see if any courses may be relevant to you. 

Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses form part of the Australian Qualifications Framework and are recognised everywhere in Australia. These courses compliment your studies and are available to study from Year 10 onwards. At TAS, we work with TAFE QLD through the TAFE at Schools program and can support a number of course offerings, from a Certificate I through to a Certificate IV. These courses are also able to count towards your Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).  

In order to support your TAFE studies, you can work to reduce your timetabled classes to ensure you are able to find that balance between school and TAFE time. Once enrolled, we will work with TAFE to provide you with a timetable; this may have you completing one day per week with TAFE, or study over the term-breaks. This is dependent on courses and enrolment options.  

If you have an interest in specific study areas or a desire to study something with practical requirements, you might be interested in some of these courses.  

TAFE at Schools 2023 Course Guide

TAFE at Schools Program

TAS also offers students the opportunity to undertake the VET course SIS30321 - Certificate III in Fitness. TAS, as Third Party, provides training and assessment services on behalf of Binnacle Training (RTO 31319). More information on this qualification can be found in the Senior Subject Selection Guide which is available on request.

NOTE: Toowoomba Anglican School does not deliver Vocational Education and Training (VET) components to overseas students holding Subclass 500 (schools) visa.

School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) are an excellent way for young people who prefer hands-on learning to traditional schooling pathways to experience life in the real world. The best part? Students are able to earn a wage while they learn workplace skills, build their confidence, and adapt to a work environment. An important part of coordinating this program is working together to ensure all parties are across the process. This involves the school, student, their parent/guardian, employer and training organisation, who will negotiate a schedule that details when the student is at school, work and training.  

There are special requirements for this program, which means: 

NOTE: International students aren't able to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship under the Australian Government's Australian Apprenticeship program.

Distance Education 

To support a wide variety of subject selections and offerings, TAS partners with a number of Distance Education Schools to ensure students have every opportunity available to them to study their passions. Once you have identified a specific subject you are interested in studying, we will work with you to process the enrolment application for a subject through a school of Distance Education. To support your studies, we will work to adjust your timetable, provide you with an independent study space and supervise all assessments and examinations. 

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