Toowoomba Anglican School has a proud tradition of success and participation in sport within the region.

This reputation has formed over the years due to the commitment of staff and students to our regular weekly training sessions. Our teams are well prepared and compete with confidence.

Toowoomba Anglican School offers a comprehensive sports program where students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities. It is designed to provide opportunities to grow and develop positive lifelong habits. Students have the opportunity to support their Houses – Fairfax, Gill or Connal – and represent their school and regional and state teams in a range of sporting endeavours. We pride ourselves on supporting students who are competing at an elite level and helping adjust academic programs so that they can pursue the highest possible level in their chosen sport.

Outstanding Results

At TAS we are fortunate to be able to offer a wide variety of sporting opportunities to our boys across school, club and community sport. Membership in the QCIS will serve to value add to an already diverse and competitive sport program.

QCIS and the Sporting Path Ahead:

The purpose of the association is to bring together like minded schools who wish to increase the competitive sporting opportunities for their students outside of their current sporting programs. Initially the focus of the association will be on the three championship sports of Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. For each sport TAS will identify and train a squad of athletes from which we will select a team who will compete at the championships.

One of the benefits of formally associating with a group of schools is that together we are continually working together to create quality sporting opportunities for our students. Over the coming year our students will participate in a number of carnival or tournament style events which will provide great competitive opportunities whilst ensuring that the travel expectations on parents are not excessive.

Currently QCIS membership includes the following schools Concordia, Downlands College, Scots PGC, Toowoomba Anglican School, Dalby and TCC. The QCIS Championships will provide a school based competitive opportunity to complement our existing program.

Performance Pathways

Positive relationships are not isolated to the classroom or school activities. Toowoomba Anglican School builds strong partnerships with many community groups. Toowoomba Anglican School is affiliated with the Bears Rugby Group, Garden City Football, Met East Cricket, Eagles Basketball and Royals Touch. This ensures that Toowoomba Anglican School students have the best coaches and a high standard of competition in which to hone their skills.

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