France Tour

This tour consists of a 2 week homestay in Toulouse and a French exchange with partner school Le Caousou. Students have French lessons and attend school with their homestay students and also see the sights around Toulouse. They then spend a week in Paris where they will see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Louvre, Cruise the River Sienne, visit Versailles and the battle fields.

Tasmania Tour

Set on a World Heritage listed island national park (with a resident population of just two park rangers and their one car), explore the pristine beaches, tall ancient forests and heritage sites. Enjoy 10 days exploring the very scenic area of Maria Island, Tasmania. Students are challenged outside their comfort zone and while being immersed in an authentic hiking experiences surrounded by stunning landscapes.


Year 6 students embark on a week-long adventure to Sydney and Canberra where friendships are strengthened, leadership is tested and characters are built.

Our students undertake a full co-curricular and extra-curricular program from Prep to Year 6. A highlight for students is our week long Year 6 Tour to Sydney and Canberra. It is a joy to discover the untapped potential in children during these outdoor experiences where the traits of resilience, determination, trust, leadership and loyalty are all on display.

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The Toowoomba Anglican School Outdoor Education program is an important aspect of the overall approach to holistic schooling.

School camps provide students with challenges which are different to those provided in the classroom and they allow students the opportunity to meet challenges in a safe environment and to meet them shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers and teachers. Each year, the students experience different challenges - some in the rural environment and others in an urban setting.

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