Every student in the Primary Years has an opportunity to lead and to serve the school community in many ways. 

Students in the Primary Years are developing early leadership skills and are given opportunities to practice these skills through engagement in sport, cultural and community activities. We encourage all students to be positive role models for their peers and younger students, by exhibiting high standards of behaviour and by promoting a positive culture within the school.

Service to the community is an integral part of the culture of our school. Primary students regularly participate in fund-raising activities for our chosen charities, visit aged care facilities to read and sing to the residents and represent the school at a number of community events and celebrations. Our contribution to and respect for our ANZAC sacrifice, is reflected in our full participation in ANZAC services throughout the community.

Our role is to develop the leadership potential within every student. 

Our leadership program is based on the values which the School endorses and promotes. Our school has a strong tradition of student leadership that has been developed over many decades.

Ways that you can lead in the Primary Years:

  • Apply to become a Primary School Leader in Sport, Performing Arts, House activities and Service Programs
  • Become a Student Representative Council Member
  • Become a Year 6 Monitor to serve your school