At Toowoomba Anglican School, being intimate in size allows for flexibility in the way in which opportunities can be offered for Primary students to find success. Interests and talents can be nurtured for individuals in both academic and co-curricula arenas.

Students identified as Gifted and Talented, are able to pursue learning areas through studies that focus both on the breadth and depth of the subject area. Teachers with expertise in the learning area, also offer extension programs above the year level to ensure students remain engaged and excited about learning as they explore their gifts. Alternatively, differentiation both inside the classroom and through external intervention programs is afforded to our students who may require additional support for their learning.

During Term 2 and Term 4 our students from Year 3 to Year 6 participate in our Options Programme. This programme allows students to pursue interests as varied as Cooking, Jewellery making, Robotics or advanced sports skills. These sessions engage skilled experts in the area to instruct the children and culminates in an Options Expo at the end of each term.