Preparing students for the twenty-first century demands an educational environment that is reflective of today’s society. With a focus on manners, social growth and self-esteem, our School develops quality citizens. With its exceptional curriculum, innovative programs and extensive opportunities, Toowoomba Anglican School is in a unique position to successfully guide our Primary students towards a bright future.

With an exceptional teaching staff and a robust curricula, students at Toowoomba Anglican School are afforded an education that caters not only for their academic needs but also to their interests and diverse learning styles.

Independent co-education at Toowoomba Anglican School reflects a diverse student body that offers both genders the opportunity to experience real-world situations that encourage wide-ranging opinions and ideas. The creation of optimal learning and social environments in the classroom and the playground is a priority. Developing sound work habits and the nurturing of confidence in all students, is a clear goal of our Primary School.

I invite you to explore our K-6 pages to obtain a full picture of all that we offer at our school and I look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

Mr Jason Locke

Dip Ed (Early Childhood), BEd (Early Childhood), M Ed (School Leadership)