“Effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement” – John Hattie

Providing teachers with professional growth and development strategies and opportunities is vital to improving teacher ability. Toowoomba Anglican School is focused on effective, evidence-based performance and development processes that contribute to the growth and development of every teacher. Teachers are supported by a Pedagogical Framework which describes the way in which teachers plan and develop their teaching based on best practice research. All teachers use this framework to ensure innovative and research based teaching practices are implemented and ultimately, enhanced learning outcomes for all our students are achieved.

At Toowoomba Anglican School, we want our students to grow safely and happily in a manner that lets them complete their schooling with confidence. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Is my child well-taught at the School? 
  • Is my child happy at the School? 
  • Is my child safe at the School? 

As we work alongside our core intent that 'Every Child is Known, and Known for Who They Are', learning and a supportive environment are both enhanced and prioritised.