Successful learning occurs when students are engaged and motivated, when learning activities pique their curiosity, personal interest and increasing level of independence.

In order to create activities to not only sustain motivation and engagement but also stimulate brain growth through the adolescent years we have expanded the Gateway Program.

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Current students are part of a generation where one in two people will have a degree and individuals will average 17 jobs and five careers over their lifetime. 

Toowoomba Anglican School believes that to help prepare students for life after school, they need to be aware of a range of different workplaces, understand how to work with people of all ages and have experience interacting with adults in the work environment.

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An area of focus as the students move through the Secondary Years is that of providing a flexible curriculum. What that looks like for one student is very different for another. 

Being intimate in size allows for flexibility in the way in which the programs and opportunities can be timetabled allowing for students to find success.

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