We are interested in the education of the whole child, so that our pupils become thoughtful, confident, articulate, creative and caring individuals.

Fostering a passion in art, music, dance and drama helps students develop attributes needed to succeed in all walks of life – such as self confidence, teamwork, passion, reflection and risk taking. We believe music, drama, dance and the arts are highly important aspects of academic life and enhance academic progress.

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Toowoomba Anglican School has a proud tradition of success in sport within the local community.

At Toowoomba Anglican School, the value of engaging in active pursuits is clearly reflected. Opportunities abound and are part of our regular weekly lives at Toowoomba Anglican School. Staff see engagement in our sporting programs as an extension of pastoral care and the relationships and trust built through these endeavours cannot be understated.

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The Toowoomba Anglican School Outdoor Education program is an important aspect of the overall approach to holistic schooling.

School camps provide students with challenges which are different to those provided in the classroom and they allow students the opportunity to meet challenges in a safe environment and to meet them shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers and teachers. Each year, the students experience different challenges - some in the rural environment and others in an urban setting.

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Allowing your child to get involved in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at school is a wise choice. 

It can be very important in helping them to develop many working skills, people skills, time management and prioritizing skills and more importantly can raise self- esteem.

Toowoomba Anglican School offers a wide range of clubs and activities in which the students can take part in.

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