Boarding school students try more co-curricular activities and they are kept busy!

Boarding schools also tend to offer a range of extracurricular activities rarely seen at local schools, with hundreds of clubs and activities, ranging from sports like soccer and basketball to more cultural pursuits like photography clubs and debating societies. Being exposed to this diverse range of options encourages students to try things they never would have before, helping them to develop their range of interests and grow into more well-rounded individuals.

In the evenings student routines are age related and shower and bed times accommodate this. Whilst we are a progressive school with the use of technology, we do not allow students to have their devices after lights out. All devices are handed in nightly and stored safely by the House Parent.

Not only do boarding schools commit to delivering the very highest standard of education, they also offer specialised support for students throughout the university application process, helping to ensure they have the best possible chance of securing their first choice degree. As a result, boarding schools often boast high numbers of graduates who go on to attend top universities.